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Antique Furniture: How To Know You Are Making A Good Investment

Outfitting your home with antique furnishings can be a rewarding decorating adventure. However, choosing antique furniture can also entail expensive purchases as well. The purchases you make for antique furniture can be a sound, long term investment, so making sure you are buying only worthwhile pieces is extremely important.

Look For Tell-Tale Clues Of Authenticity

If you find a piece of antique furniture you like, knowing it is truly antique is important before spending a great deal of money. Before you go looking for antiques, think about the types of furnishings you would like to add to your home. Taking the time to do your research about a particular piece of antique furniture you are interested in is necessary for knowing when you find the real thing. The characterizing details of some antique furnishings cannot be replicated and allow an authentic piece to stand out. For example, antiques from the Jacobean period have outstanding dark finishes, noticeable durable construction, decorative carvings and straight, defining lines.

The Signs of Real Wear And Tear

The antique piece you may want might have some wear and tear that can be a dead giveaway of its authenticity. Look closely at the handles and legs for signs of normal wear. A one hundred year old chair with wooden arms should have some signs of wear from people using the arms while sitting. Specific signs of wear and tear will depend on the type of furniture. Think about how a piece would have been used when looking for worn out places due to everyday use.

Patina Is Special And Gives Many Antiques Unique Coloration

The antique bureau you may be considering may have brass or another kind of metal for its handles. Maybe you are looking at wardrobe with metal hinges on the door. When years of use show on metal handles and hinges, it shows up as a worn, distressed patina. The black discoloration you may see between crevices in an ornate metal drawer handle is patina, a sign that a piece is likely authentic. However, making sure you look for other signs of authenticity is recommended due to many people adding the look of patina with paint and wood stain.

Filling your home with antique furniture can add a special nostalgic appeal you cannot get with newer furnishings. Going back into time each time you place your clothing into an antique dress can be a great feeling, making you always wonder who may have used the dresser years and years ago. Learn more about the time period and important characteristics of the antique furnishings you would like to own so you can rest assured your investment will be a good one.

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