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3 Tips For Choosing Kid's Room Furniture On A Budget

As a trendy parent, you want your kids to have the cutest yet most functional bedrooms possible. When your baby starts to grow up, you need to buy furniture that can serve a purpose now and for years to come. Here are some tips on how to find the right kid's room furniture for your tastes and stay on budget. 

Mix Old and New 

You might not have the budget to outfit your toddler's room with brand new furniture, but that shouldn't stop you from carrying out your vision. The trick is to mix vintage finds from garage sales, Craigslist, and your parents' house with brand new pieces. The result will be an eclectic room that looks mixed up on purpose. A good way to tie old and new pieces in with each other is to find a similar color palette, silhouette, or size and stick to that. Splurge on quality pieces that make the room pop, and spend less money on items that won't be noticed as much.

Use Paint to Update

As your child grows from a toddler into a school-aged kid, you might want to update their room in a more "grown-up" theme or to reflect their current favorite color. Buy pieces that can be updated with a new coat of paint. You'd be surprised how much paint changes the mood of a room, so your furniture will feel like new with a fresh paint coat. Just be sure to keep lots of sandpaper and tarp on hand for these switches. 

Buy Adult Pieces

Another way to decorate your child's room on a budget is to buy adult pieces. This means finding furniture that would go in a teenager or adult's room, but can work in a kid's room, too. Your child will be able to grow with these pieces until they leave your home. You'll just have to switch out accessories. For example, instead of buying a small changing table with drawers for cloths, buy an adult-sized dresser even if it seems like too much storage for a kid. You can add a changing mat to the top of the dresser to make a makeshift changing table. And the dresser will have many years of use ahead of it. 

When you find pieces that can be repurposed with new paint or a new function, you'll save money while keeping your child's room stylish. Use the tips above to decorate and see how far your budget can stretch. If you're looking for a furniture store in your area, visit Fickes Furniture.