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Who Benefits From An Adjustable Mattress?

To a certain extent, everyone can benefit from an adjustable mattress because they allow you to engage in activities in bed like reading and watching television. However, there are some people who have special circumstances and, therefore, have the most to gain from an adjustable mattress. For some people, adjustable mattresses are more than a convenience. For those who have musculoskeletal conditions, sleep disorders, and other physiological conditions, adjustable mattresses can improve their quality of life.

Who benefits from an adjustable mattress?

Many people have disorders that impact their sleep and cannot for one reason or another sleep comfortably in a flat position. People with the following conditions generally benefit from adjustable mattresses:

  • Sciatica, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis and degenerative spondylolisthesis. Lying flat all night long can be hard on the spine and joints. Many people who suffer from musculoskeletal conditions like osteoarthritis and sciatica find that their condition is worse in the morning after waking up. An adjustable mattress helps the patient find a position that is comfortable while reducing pressure on the spine by elevating either the knees or the back or both.
  • Acid reflux. Patients with acid reflux can benefit from an adjustable mattress because elevating the top half of their body during sleep helps them keep acid in their stomach, thus preventing an attack of heartburn.
  • Sleep apnea. Patients with sleep apnea snore loudly and periodically stop breathing during sleep. Adjusting the body so that the head and chest are elevated can prevent sleep apnea from occurring by keeping the airways open.
  • Back pain. People who suffer from general back pain and who enjoy sleeping on their back can help alleviate their condition by elevating their knees in bed.
  • Asthma. Sleeping flat compresses the lungs and that can exacerbate night time asthma, leading to wheezing and attacks. Sleeping with the chest elevated can help asthma sufferers get a restful sleep at night with reduced occurrences of asthma attacks.

How can you tell if you would benefit from an adjustable mattress?

If you believe that you would benefit from an adjustable mattress because of a medical condition, speak with your doctor to ask him or her which positions would be most beneficial for you. Then, do a trial run. Use pillows to prop up the recommended parts of your body during sleep. If this helps, contact an adjustable mattress dealer in your area for more information about which adjustable mattress would be best for you. One company that might be able to meet your needs is American Mattress.