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Choosing A Mattress: Memory Foam Vs. Traditional Pillow Top

The mattress you sleep on can have a profound effect not only on how well you sleep throughout the night, but also your joints, neck, shoulders, and back. A worn out mattress can cause a wide variety of extra aches and pains that can easily be relieved if you have a good, quality mattress. Today's mattress market has changed with the addition of new options like memory foam, and even mattresses that let you set different positions with a press of a button. Read on to find out which type of the two most popular mattresses will suit your sleeping needs.

Memory Foam

The memory foam style of mattress has taken the sleeping world by storm. This type of mattress is usually made from a latex or polyurethane blend. The mattress feels almost "squishy" to the touch, and most people claim that it feels as if the mattress is fitting the form of their body. Some memory foam mattresses also have what's known as a cooling gel inside of them designed to help sleepers feel nice and cool as they're slumbering. 

In most cases, mattresses made of memory foam cost more than traditional pillow top mattresses. The reason mainly stems from the labor and materials needed in order to make them, but it can also include the extra features that come with them, such as the cooling gel option. These types of mattresses tend to last longer, however, so the initial investment may be worth it. Memory foam can provide extremely good support for the back, neck, and shoulders since it conforms to your shape. It is an ideal choice for stomach and side sleepers.

Pillow Top

Pillow top mattresses have long been the standard choice for most sleepers. These mattresses are comprised of small "pillows" filled with material such as down or some other kind of filler like cotton. Higher quality versions contain real down, while less expensive models will be filled with some sort of synthetic material. These mattresses are often one-sided, but some have the pillow top on both sides, allowing you to flip it over from time to time. Double sided models are better for your back since you can turn them over as you feel wear and tear on one side.

A perk of owning a pillow top mattress is the ease of cleaning. Most can be cleaned simply by vacuuming the mattress using the hose attachment. Memory foam tends to absorb stains, dust, and other fine particles, making it much more difficult to clean. Pillow top mattresses are generally firmer, making them ideal for back and side sleepers. Before you decide which mattress will work best for you, try a few out and see if you can determine which type will suit your sleeping needs.