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Important Tips For Buying Furniture

Are you considering redecorating your home? Are you at a loss as to exactly what look you want for each room? With so many choices available, it can be hard to choose the perfect new look for your home. Here are some tips to help you make sure that your redecorating time and budget isn't wasted:

Measure as much as possible: When thinking about going to their local furniture store and looking for a couch or other large pieces of furniture, you probably remember to measure the area in your home where it will be placed. But it's also important to measure other parts of your home. It can be extremely disappointing if you spend several hundred dollars on a new furniture item, only to realize it needs to be dismantled before it will fit inside your home. With some furniture, such as couches, you may not even have the option to dismantle it. By measuring doorways, hallways and even the height of the areas that the furniture will need to travel through, you'll ensure that everything will fit and won't need to be returned.

Ask for samples: If you fall in love with a particular armchair, it can be tempting to immediately place an order to have one delivered to your home. Ask the sales person at the furniture store if they have cloth or leather samples for you to take home. You should then take these samples home and leave them in the general area where the furniture will be located. You may find out that the burgundy armchair you like so much in the store turns into a clown-red color in your home during certain times of the day. If you still like the color and you have younger children, give the sample or samples to them to play with. This will allow you to see how durable and stain-resistant the fabric in question really is. 

Make pretend furniture: It's not uncommon to buy just one piece of furniture, such as an end table, only to realize after a few weeks that it does nothing but get in your way. By the time you get tired of tripping over your large coffee table, it's too late to return it to the furniture store. You're then forced to either live with it, give it away or try to sell it for a greatly reduced price. In order to make sure that your desired piece of furniture won't get in the way, place a box that is approximately the same size and shape in that spot. If you're trying to decide on a large piece of furniture, you may need to stack several boxes. Although brand new cardboard boxes can seem expensive, they are less costly than finding out that your brand new fancy armoire will need to be sold at your next yard sale. If you shop online, you can also reuse the boxes that your purchases arrive in for your experiment, cutting down on expenses.

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