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How To Decorate A Contemporary Bedroom

If you have decided to create a contemporary mood in your bedroom, here are some ideas that might help you to plan something very special. Remember that there's a difference between modern decorating and contemporary decorating. In a nutshell, modern means anything from the 1920s to the 1950s, or from the twentieth century. Contemporary means that the look is current, though it also borrows from other styles and eras. Part of what makes decorating a contemporary bedroom so much fun is that your room can have an eclectic feeling, which means that you choose anything you love to incorporate into the room.

The Furniture - When you start looking for the contemporary pieces you will use in your bedroom, think of the word dynamic. A bed with a padded headboard that is covered with leather or a bold fabric would work well. Glass and metal bedside tables and chests of drawers, or wooden ones with metal hardware on them, would be great in a contemporary bedroom. Remember that you can borrow from other eras, so selecting the very linear furniture of the modern period will work just fine. If you have enough space to add a living area, a curved chaise and armless chairs to accompany it would create a great focal point for your room. If you have only limited space, think of adding just one contemporary chair with a small table next to it. 

The Decor - Since the key word is dynamic, using bold colors in your bedroom would be perfect. Black and red always make a statement when they are used together. Adding splashes of other bold colors will make the room even more dramatic. For example, if you have selected a black leather padded headboard, choose a red comforter for your bed covering and then add throw pillow of varied colors. Turquoise and yellow ones in different sizes, textures and shapes would definitely add pizzazz to your room. Other decorative touches could include stunning pictures or posters of busy cities like New York, Tokyo, and Washington which have been framed in colors that complement the fabrics you have selected. When you are selecting things like lamps and bookends, go with metals that mimic your furniture. For example, if you have selected wooden furniture with brass hardware, brass lamps would be a good choice.

When you begin your search at furniture stores, let the clerk know the mood you are wanting to set. He or she will have the experience to help you find just what you need.