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4 Ways To Protect Your New Mattress From Your Cats

As a cat owner, you likely already know just how much trouble they can get in—especially when you are sleeping and they are unsupervised. If you have recently begun shopping for a new mattress, it is important that you also recognize the challenges that cats can create.

In order for the mattress to stay in good condition for many years to come so that you can remain happy with your purchase, it is vital that you look into the following ways that you can protect the mattress.

Use a Waterproof Cover

While cats are generally very clean pets, accidents can always happen, especially if you have a younger cat that may not be entirely litterbox-trained just yet. In order for the mattress to be protected from any liquids, consider using a waterproof cover that can be used to wick away any moisture. Make sure to choose a cover the appropriate size for your mattress and consider some of the additional tips below:

  • The mattress cover should fit snugly without any movement
  • Consider a polyurethane mattress cover if you get hot easily due to its breathability
  • Look for a mattress cover with multiple layers for extra protection and durability

Support the Mattress with a Box Spring

Your cat could end up damaging the new mattress with their claws when they get excited, either by jumping up with or playing near the ground and grabbing onto the mattress while playing. While you cannot protect your mattress entirely from this kind of activity, you can limit potential damages by using a box spring as well. The box spring, when positioned under the mattress, can take off most of the focus on the mattress.

Provide Your Cat with Scratching Posts

A common reason why cats scratch is due to not having enough places at home that allow them to dull their nails and relieve their instincts to scratch. If you allow your cat in the bedroom, make sure to set up a scratching post nearby so that they can scratch somewhere that is allowed.

Limit Their Visits to the Bedroom

Another thing to consider when you want your mattress to stay in good condition for years to come is whether or not your cat should even be allowed in the bedroom. Even with the most preventive measures, your cat can still damage the mattress. Weighing the pros and cons of allowing them in can help you find the right decision.

Protecting your mattress should be a priority after you buy a new one, but you may be uncertain about what to do if you have a cat. Taking care of the mattress with the above tips should help ensure that the mattress stays in great condition and that your cat will not be a bother to it. To learn more, speak with someone like Bruce The Bed King.