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3 Organization Tips For A Child's Bedroom

As any parent can attest, a child's bedroom can quickly get out of control if there is no organization. With the amount of toys, books, and clothing that has to be stored in a child's room, organization and function must be a priority to avoid a frustrating mess. The following are some tips to control the clutter in bedrooms while still remaining cute and functional.

Think Outside The Box

When it comes to organizing toys, you may automatically think of toy boxes. The problem with toy boxes, especially for multiple children who share one bedroom, is that they are not always as functional due to the sheer amount of toys that kids may have. Having multiple toy boxes placed around the room is not the best way to organize. Instead, incorporate them into the room's décor. Display stuffed animals on a low shelf so the kids can easily access them. Stack your most beautiful and treasured books horizontally on a nightstand so they are easily accessible at bedtime. Toy cars can be placed into special holders that can be hung on a wall.

Don't Be Limited By Children's Furniture Options

Most parents head straight for the children's section of the furniture store to find pieces for a child's bedroom. Don't be afraid to branch out into the other areas of the store to find storage options. For instance, a young girl's bedroom would be adorable with an animal printed storage bench that you would normally purchase for an adult bedroom. Adult furniture is often much larger than kid's pieces, which means more can be stored inside them. With the myriad of furniture designs available, you are sure to find something that will look appropriate in a kid's bedroom while also being much more functional.

Purchase Furniture The Kids Can Access Themselves

Tall bookshelves are often a staple in a child's room. The issue with these is the fact that younger children cannot access the top shelves, which makes it harder for them to clean up their toys. You also end up with a shelf that looks pristine on top and jumbled at the bottom. Instead of one tall bookshelf, put two shorter bookshelves in the room so the kids can clean up the area themselves. Arrange toys and books on the shelves, then show the children how they are to be maintained. They will be able to easily put their own items away, making clean up time much easier on mom and dad.

Decorating a child's bedroom can be fun, but be sure to think about the functionality of the room. Invest in quality pieces of home furniture that will last. Take an inventory of the items in the bedroom before you shop so you will know exactly what will need to be stored.