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Decorating Your Bedroom Around Your Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture Set: Ideas And Inspiration

Owning solid wood bedroom furniture gives your bedroom a luxurious, earthy feel. You'll want to decorate the rest of your room in a fashionable manner while complementing your furnishings. You can do this by pairing contemporary accessories with your furniture so you can create an overall appeal of personality and warmth. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Contrast with the wood hues by using color

The color of your solid wood bedroom furniture can be contrasted with beautiful hues to bring out the natural wood sheen. If your wooden furnishings are a golden or lighter hue, consider decorating your room with dark hues in your favorite colors, such as green, blue, or even pink. Darker tones on your walls, rugs, and other accessories highlight the golden tone of your solid wood furniture, making it stand out in positive ways.

If your solid wood furniture is dark, such as deep red, dark brown, or even a dark black tone, then muted colors can work very well in your room. Decorate in neutral cream, tan, or pastel hues in your favorite tones to keep your furniture looking lustrous and rich in color.

Use warm lighting

Cool white lighting in your bedroom can mute the natural grain and shine of your solid wood bedroom furniture, making it appear dull or even dark, instead of rich and inviting. Opt instead for warm yellow lighting in your room, which helps to bring out the beautiful sheen of your wood furnishings and makes your room appear brighter and more welcoming. Place yellow lighting in your lamps and overhead lighting to cast a warm glow across your furniture that you will love.

Opt for patterns

The great thing about solid wood furniture is that it can be complemented in many ways. If you love color, then go with bold and colorful patterns to put some personality in your room. Choose chevron patterns for your drapes, toss in a polka-dot rug, or place a colorful wallpaper border on your walls. A cheerful addition of color takes away the woodsy theme of your furniture without diminishing its glory.

You love your wooden bedroom furniture, and you want it to be the focal point in your room. If you decorate your room in the right ways by contrasting with color, adding playful patterns, and upgrading to lovely yellow lighting, you can turn your private space into a beautiful area you will love to relax in.

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