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Feel Invigorated By Creating A Summery Space In Your Home

Invigorate yourself by transforming a room in your home into a summery sanctuary. This involves using sleek, light-colored elements to make the room seem airy and bright. Garner inspiration from elements in nature, such as the ocean or a garden, to bring the outdoors in this season.

Create your own summery space with these elements:

The furnishings. One fun way to bring summer into your home's interiors is with some outdoor furnishings. Consider adding a wicker seating arrangement and glass-topped tables to your space for a light, airy feeling. If you choose to shop for new furniture, consider buying unique rattan, bamboo, or teak pieces to bring a natural look to the space.

Your colors. Go with neutral shades for the paint on the walls, furnishings, and other elements in the room. This will make the space seem bigger, while also allowing you ample options for accent hues. Choose a marine blue, bold yellow, or poppy red for accenting your light-colored tones.

The lighting. Fill the space with as much natural light as possible, which may mean changing your current window treatments. Keep spaces under and around windows unobstructed to further allow light in. Invest in a couple of ambient lighting fixtures to keep the room well-lit for a variety of tasks and activities.

Some accents. Keep your accents in line with your summer theme, and eliminate excess clutter and objects to maintain a cohesive look to the room. What some great summer accent ideas? Try paintings of the ocean, vintage birdhouses, and fresh floral arrangements for the right seasonal effect.

The floors. If possible, pull out carpeting or rugs to expose a bare floor surface. For wood floors, restore the gleam with lemon oil; for linoleum, use cotton mats to cover up worn spots. Another summery option is to use hand-painted floor cloths on the floor instead of a carpet.

Create a summery space in your home that you enjoy spending time in with these tips:

  • Paint ceilings the same neutral shade as your walls to make the entire room seem larger and brighter.
  • Fill a clear glass lamp base carefully with a collection of seashells. It helps to dry the shells outside, in the sun, for a while to whiten them while also preventing any chance that moisture will ruin your display.
  • Get rid of the window treatments altogether, and opt for some charming shutters on your interior windows. These can be installed in both upper and lower panes, providing optimal light while still ensuring privacy indoors.

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