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Beyond Extra Room, A King-Sized Mattress Can Provide You And Your Spouse With These Benefits

If you and your spouse currently use a queen-sized mattress but are contemplating stepping up to a king, you might be doubting whether this increased investment is worth it. The good news is that there are several advantages to making this switch. The most obvious benefit of upgrading to a king-sized bed is that each of you will have more room for sleeping, but there are a number of other benefits that relate to the size of the bed but extend beyond simply "having more room." Here are some advantages to keep in mind if you're still on the fence about making this change.

Less Disruption To Each Other

When you're in a queen-sized bed, one person getting up can often disturb the other person, and this can be a major nuisance if one of you is a light sleeper. For example, one person who gets up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night could cause the bed to shift when getting up and again when getting into the bed, waking the other person up. Additionally, if one spouse gets up early for work and the other spouse sleeps in, a king-sized bed is large enough that it won't move—ideally allowing the one person to sneak out quietly.

Less Temperature Influence

When one spouse is consistently hot and the other is consistently cold, it's ideal to have a little more space in bed—and switching to a king-sized mattress can provide this perk. For example, if the hot person always wants a fan blowing on him or her, it can be difficult to specifically aim the fan at just one person with a queen mattress. With a king, there can be enough of a gap between the people that the hot person can enjoy the fan's breeze without it hitting the cold person.

Better Quality Of Sleep With Family

If you and your spouse have a young child, he or she might commonly join you in bed—either after a nightmare or just for cuddling. This can be an issue when you're using a queen-sized mattress; the child might sleep soundly, but the adults will struggle with a lack of space to sleep. When you use a king-sized mattress, the child will be able to get comfortable in the middle of the bed, and the adults should still have enough space that their sleeps aren't disrupted by their bed guest.